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Who is Petsania?

Let's face it - animals are cooler than people. They just are. What kind of humans would we be without our furry little (or big) companions? That's exactly how Petsania got started - a brand for people who are obsessed with their pets. While we started as a small e-commerce pet travel accessory site, Petsania's main priority was helping animals in need. We donated ~10% of sales to dozens of animal shelters, sanctuaries, and organizations & told their story on our website. 

As the world changed in 2020 and travel slowed down globally, we saw a shift in the market. During this time, there was a noticeable change in consumer preferences. With people spending more time at home, their bond with their pets strengthened, and the desire to include their furry companions in activities grew. With the ease of restrictions in domestic/international travel, owners now chose to include their pets in their plans. Recognizing the growing demand for information and resources related to various aspects of pet travel, Petsania transitioned from being an e-commerce platform to a valuable, free information-based website.

The brand is centered around the love we share with our pets. Whether we take them on vacations, day trips, or out for a stroll, we aim to provide you with the best resources so you and your pet stay healthy & safe!

Petsania Donate Pic 1.heic
Petsania Donation 2.heic

Where did the name Petsania come from?

The name is a combination of the words PETS and MANIA - hence our slogan "crazy about your pets?" It is pronounced PET-ZAY-NEE-UH, although, we've heard plenty of other pronunciations each their own! 

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