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Adventure Pet Travel Bottle

Adventure Pet Travel Bottle

Adventure Pet Travel Bottle

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Product Specifications:

Material: PC, ABS
Colors: Pink, Green, Grey, Blue
Size of bottle: about 10” in length, 9.25” circumference, and 2.75” in width
Water capacity: 260 mL
Food capacity: 200 mL
Size of bowl: 3.5” in length and 3” across
Package Includes: 1 x Adventure Pet Travel Bottle

Product Description:

A quick, convenient, and safe solution to keeping your pet hydrated and fed while you're both on the go.

  • Easily access water and food anytime for your pet!
  • Simply click the switch down to release the water into the bowl.
  • Screw off the bottom portion to access food and snacks.
  • The bottle holds 260 mL (about a cup) of water and 200 mL of food. Simply unscrew the bowl to refill your water supply so your pet can stay hydrated.
  • Our silica sealed ring prevents any leakage so you can stick it in your bag and backpack without worry!
  • We care about your pets! Our bottle is made with non-toxic safe materials that’s resistant to heat. While we don’t recommend you put it in the dishwasher, each compartment is easy to separate and clean.
  • Our Adventure Pet Travel Bottle is enjoyed by doggos and cattos! If, for some reason, you’re not satisfied, no worries! Send us an email at contact@petsania.com and we’ll refund you in full.

Don’t forget, 10% of your order will go to animals in need across the U.S.A!