10% of Your Order Will Be Donated To Help Animals in Need Across the U.S.A!

Our Story

Petsania began with one goal in mind: to help animals in need.

It all started in 2018, when our founder (a self-proclaimed animal enthusiast) visited her local shelter to enquire about volunteering opportunities. She was saddened to see the lack of resources the shelter had available in order to take in more animals. Although volunteering her time was important, she knew these places needed financial support - something she was unable to give.

“I always ALWAYS have had a connection with animals ever since I was a child. Every animal I have had has always been such a dear part of my life. When I went to parties, I was so much more interested in their dog or cat. Maybe I was just a weird kid haha, but I knew deep down inside that I needed to follow that connection. I would see stray dogs or cats and it just broke my heart because I knew our shelters didn’t have the resources they needed to take them in. I was like...I need to help!”

In 2020, several animal lovers with a fire and passion were recruited onto the team and things got serious. As COVID impacted everyone and going into business was looking grim, they got to work - finding opportunities in the ever-changing market where owners and pets may benefit.

The travel industry was changing rapidly and the team knew that people would eventually want to get out of the house again and explore, whether it was by car, plane, or simply taking a refreshing walk to the park. Moreover, they would want their fur babies right by their side.

“I got so used to working from home with my dog by my side that when I started traveling again, I couldn’t be away from her! I literally missed her every single day I was gone. I was like...why don’t I just take her with me??”

While Petsania started as a single product store in 2020, the team was able to start donating to shelters right away.

“It was such a blessing. Sometimes I would call ahead, other times I would just walk in and say ‘hi I’d like to donate’ and the look on their faces was priceless. I got to meet the animals and learn about the awesome people who run the show. We were small, but even something so small was so rewarding.”

As a company, Petsania plans to continue expanding its product line and deliver top-quality travel pet products. On top of that, they have plans to expand the team and start regular volunteering meet-ups to do beach clean-ups, dog walking, cat socializing, etc.

“We don’t want Petsania to just be about dogs and cats - we want it to be about helping ALL animals in need! From organizations that assist pets during natural disasters to ocean cleanups, we really want to be about helping our world so that animals (and their humans) can thrive!”

If you’d like to share your rescue story with us or ask a question, please send an email to: contact@petsania.com

We appreciate your business - thank you for making a pawsitive impact!