10% of Your Order Will Be Donated To Help Animals in Need Across the U.S.A!

Hello and Happy Memorial Day!

Today is a day to honor those who we have lost in battle - both human and non-human. We are proud to announce that our May donation will go towards the United States War Dogs Foundation. This is a charity which honors war dogs and their handlers, past, present and future.

active duty war dog K9 unit hero

The United States War Dogs Association was founded in 2000 by 5 dog handlers who served their country with vigor and courage during the Vietnam war. These brave men were all members of different branches of military, yet they shared a common bond that could not be broken: they each had an extraordinary connection to one very special canine companion. So when these veterans returned home after serving, it became clear that there was much work to do for those brave K-9s. As such, The USWDA began sharing their vision: “to provide support through the life cycle of a military working dog and promote the distinguished history of their invaluable service.” 

We want to give honor and thanks to LTC Daniel E. Holland, who served in the US Army Veterinary Corps from 1988 to 2006. Veterinary Corps officers are in charge of providing assistance to K-9s, horses, and other working animals in the military, alongside a host of other respectable tasks. LTC Holland had an incredible career, serving in many locations worldwide. He was known to always volunteer to deploy wherever his expertise was needed. In 2006, he volunteered to deploy to Iraq, where he was assigned the titled of Chief of Public Health for Civil Affairs, 4th Infantry Division. Unfortunately, during one of his humanitarian missions in 2006, LTC Holland paid the ultimate sacrifice. He touched every life that crossed his path, both human and animal, and is remembered as a legend. LTC Holland, thank you so much for your service and for the love and support you provided to animals in need. We honor you! 

LTC Holland Vet Corps Hero

Donations to the USWDA will go towards: sending care packages to deployed K-9 teams, providing the necessary equipment to active duty dogs, recognizing retired military dogs through award programs, helping provide free prescriptions for K-9 vets, honoring fallen dogs through The Rainbow Bridge Assistance Program Memorializing K-9 Heroes, and public education surrounding K-9 units in the military. 


As always, thanks for making a pawsitive impact! 


The Petsania Team


United States War Dogs Association (USWDA)


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