10% of Your Order Will Be Donated To Help Animals in Need Across the U.S.A!

Hello and Happy New Year! While last year presented a plethora of difficulties, we feel so fortunate to have been able to donate to many amazing shelters and organizations. We are excited to start 2021 off with our first donation of the year! 

The Richmond SPCA is a WONDERFUL no-kill shelter that has saved THOUSANDS of dogs and cats over the years. They are a national leader in animal sheltering, animal protection, and advocacy. What stood out to us about Richmond SPCA is their focus on bringing in sick or injured animals to provide them with medical treatment and rehabilitation. They believe that every life is precious and work around the clock to ensure that each animal is cared for. 

This incredible shelter even has their own mascot, Lily! Lily fell into the care of the Richmond SPCA in 2018, where she and her 8 one-week old puppies were transferred from a rural Virginia shelter. While her babies remained healthy, Lily’s health quickly declined as it was discovered she had a rare chronic condition Eosinophilic Bronchopneumopathy (EBP). Thankfully, the shelter provided the necessary medical attention to get her feeling better and on November 7th, 2020, Lily was crowned the 2020-2021 mascot. As mascot, Lily will encourage people to consider adopting pets with special needs. The picture below shows a proud Lily, who was introduced to the audience at the 2020 Fur Ball. This event is held every year in an effort to raise money for their Cinderella Fund and help more animals with special needs. Click here for more information about their events!



It’s so refreshing to read about the amazing care the Richmond SPCA provides to animals with disabilities and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to donate and help this wonderful cause. Don’t forget to follow Lily on Instagram!



PS. part of our donation included naming a pet, so I suggested ‘Chloe’, the name of my cat who I lost too soon in 2016. Please go check out their donation page so you can make a contribution and honor a loved one!



Richmond SPCA


2519 Hermitage Road Richmond, VA 23220