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Petsania is proudly going strong with a second donation! This time I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the Priceless Pet Rescue! It was a pleasant surprise to arrive to a long line of people eagerly awaiting to adopt a pet into their family! For that reason I did't ask the to meet any of the animals in order to not take away from their chances of getting adopted into a forever home...BUT I did have the opportunity to learn more about this amazing shelter and their active efforts to help animals and connect with their community.


Please check out the pictures below for more information about how this shelter makes a pawsitve impact on animals in their city, as well as a small preview of two dogs in their care.


****Disclaimer: Some pictures were taken directly from the Priceless Pet Rescue website with permission from the staff! All contact information is listed at the bottom of this post.



Priceless Pet Rescue is a non-profit and no-kill shelter with multiple locations; this one specifically being located in Chino Hills, California. Although I didn't get much time at the facility, the staffs dedication to finding homes for their animals was blatantly obvious as they worked hard to bring family after family in to the shelter with the hopes of adoption.



As a non-profit shelter, Priceless Pet Rescue is always happy to take on volunteers who are passionate about helping animals in need. They also stay active in their community by hosting Sunday morning hikes where anyone can join them and the dogs in their care on small outings.



These handsome pups are Brian the Chihuahua and Cooper the Pointer mix. They are just two of the many wonderful animals waiting to be taken to and cherished in a forever home.

*Taken from website



It was an absolute joy to witness love in action at the Priceless Pet Rescue. Witnessing people coming together to care for animals in need will forever inspire me throughout my endeavors to do my part for this great cause.



Two donations down, and hopefully a million more to go!



Contact info:

Priceless Pet Rescue

2587 Chino Hills Pkwy unit c, Chino Hills, CA 91709


1(909) 203-3695