10% of Your Order Will Be Donated To Help Animals in Need Across the U.S.A!

Hello and happy spring! 

We hope wherever you’re at, the weather is warming up and providing you with lots of greenery. While spring has just begun, the end of March is already upon us, which means we’re bringing you another donation story! This month’s donation went to an amazing shelter called the Best Friends Animal Society. As the name suggests, this shelter was started by a group of friends, who made a decision 35 years ago to leave the life they knew behind and set out on a journey to create a safe place for neglected and abused animals. With nothing but a little bit of cash, their plan ultimately changed the fate of 17 million dogs and cats by becoming the world's largest no-kill animal sanctuary. 



This is Mookie, a charming black kitty with a huge personality. When he was rescued by Best Friends, it was discovered that he had a liver condition that would require him to be on daily medication and a special diet. Jeanie, Mookie’s foster mom, had been taking care of special-needs cats for nine years and was dedicated to making sure he got the treatment he needed. While finding homes for special needs animals can be difficult, this was not the case for Mookie because Jeanie fell in love with his amazing personality and adopted him as her own. Soon after, she decided to foster another kitty and that is when Bridget, a loveable gray tabby, entered the picture. It was clear to Jeanie that Mookie and Bridget were best friends. As she recalls “They followed each other around and always curled up next to each other to sleep..” When Bridget was adopted, Mookie became noticeably sad and lonely. Thankfully, the fates couldn’t keep them apart and Bridget was returned due to the adopter’s allergies. Jeanie made the decision to officially adopt Bridget as her own so the two never have to be a part again. They are both living their happy lives together, with unlimited cuddles and love.



Best Friends is on a mission to make the entire U.S. no-kill by the year 2025. While animals are still being euthanized every year, Best Friends has made tremendous efforts in reducing that number and creating a cultural shift. Today, over 5,500 communities around the country are no-kill and we expect to see that number keep increasing over the next few years! 


As things become safe again, our team is looking forward to visiting the sanctuary and meeting the amazing founders behind this movement. They provide lodging so you and your family (and your fur child of course) can stay and hang with the animals.  Also, we may or may not have bought a tank top from their online store (pictures to come once it arrives). If you’re interested in checking them out, we’ll leave their information below! 


As always, thanks for making a pawsitive impact! 


The Petsania Team



Best Friends Animal Society (HQ)

2005 1100 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84106


(801) 574-2454

(for more locations, see their website)