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Arizona Animal Welfare League

Happy April!

We are so excited to share that this month we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Arizona’s largest no-kill animal shelter, the Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL). This nonprofit organization's mission is to "provide for the care and welfare of domesticated animals in order to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent cruelty." We are proud to support this noble cause with a donation that will help them continue their good work! 



To give you a bit of background, the AAWL started out in 1971 as a bunch of animal lovers who began adopting cats and dogs in foster homes. This group was led by actress Amanda Blake, who was well-known for her role in old-time television show, Gunsmoke. In the late 70’s, they were able to build a shelter and start spreading their mission. By the mid 1990s, the AAWL was rescuing animals who were scheduled to be euthanized by the County and earning their credibility among the state. After 50 years of hard work and perseverance, the AAWL has built a safe place for animals, with kennels, an onsite vet clinic, and training center.


The AAWL is filled with people who are doing their best to make a difference for animals. One such example of this can be found in the story about 4 stray dogs living outside of a motel. One night a woman who worked as a traveling healthcare worker came back to her room and found four dogs hanging out by her door. The temperatures had dipped below freezing so she knew that the poor pups couldn't be left outside in this weather for any longer than they already were. When she invited them into her motel, all of them happily obliged! They ran right on inside without hesitation because these doggies didn’t have homes.



As her contract was nearing an end, she knew she couldn’t leave them alone, so she acted quickly and contacted the AAWL.The volunteers at the shelter eagerly welcomed them and gave these animals what they deserved: love and kindness from such incredible people filled with compassion. One of the rescued dogs required leg surgery and was treated promptly. The woman even helped pay for it! The dogs are currently doing well, receiving lots of love, and waiting for their furever homes! It’s such a heartwarming story and we are grateful to donate to them during such a special time. Happy 50 years, AAWL! (you can watch their story here.)


Thanks to you, our donation will assist in medical care, transportation, and support to help these beautiful animals find their furever home! If you would like to learn more about all the amazing services the AAWL provides, the contact info will be below. As always, thanks for making a pawsitive impact! 


The Petsania Team


Arizona Animal Welfare League

Sonia Breslow Adoption Center

25 N. 40th ST

Phoenix, Arizona 85034